What is Erotophonophilia


In this article, we will talk about Erotophonophilia. Before talking about this, let’s talk about Paraphilia. Paraphilia was referred to as Sexual Perversion and Sexual deviation in the past. It means sexual desires, fantasies, or behaviors that are persistent and recurrent and include unusual objects, activities, or some of the weirdest things that are atypical in normal. Basically, cannibalism, voyeurism, fetishism, etc all these referred to as Paraphilia. Not all paraphilias are harmful to victims. Paraphilias can be both harmful as well as harmless. Even fetishes are a part of paraphilia. Fetish is something that arouses someone sexually. It can be long hair, undergarments, shoe, gloves, lingerie, etc. Erotophonophilia is one of the most extreme forms of Paraphilia.

Erotophilia is quite different from Erotophonophilia. Erotophilia is a term that refers to a person’s positive feelings or attitudes towards sexual activity or expression. It is considered to be a normal and healthy part of human sexuality. There is no one specific reason why a person might experience erotophilia. It can be influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, environment, personal experiences, and cultural influences. Some people may be more prone to experiencing erotophilia due to their individual psychology or biology, while others may develop a positive attitude towards sex through positive experiences or exposure to healthy and positive attitudes towards sexuality.

What is Erotophonophilia?

Erotophonophilia is called Lust Murder. Basically, a murder which is a consequence of lust is called erotophonophilia. According to Arrigo and Purcell, this is a type of murder driven by clear and apparent sadistic and sexually motivated behavior. This type of murder involves a mutilating attack, such as the displacement of the breasts, rectum, or genitals from the victim’s body. One of the common patterns of this murder is stabbing the genitalia with a sharp object. Both lust and killing are integral parts of erotophonophilia.

Psychology Behind an Erotophonophiliacs

Murder is the ultimate goal for an erotophonopliliacs. But the psychology behind the murderer’s mind is not only to kill his victim but also to ravage. That’s why cutting, beating, wounding the victim, and displacement of the breasts, rectum, and genitals are common in this case.

Hickey claims that the killers show a development of heinous brutality, growing more ruthless and sadistic with each murder. In their minds, erotophonophiliacs create a violently sexualized connection that they have frequently practiced while masturbating. At first, the murderers may experience harmless paraphilia, but as their fancies and daydreams grow to become more violent, the intensity, frequency, and duration of the paraphilic enticement also keep going up. In fact, in order to achieve climax, the paraphilic dream must be acted upon with increasing levels of sadistic deviance and sexualized violence. These criminals get a thrilling rush of sensual pleasure and satisfaction from their deeds. They act rather impulsively and find it difficult to leave their imaginary world. In this imaginary world, they feel overpowered, and to meet their expectation and extreme orgasm, they do all the heinous activities.

Reason Behind Erotophonophilia

The reason behind this is pretty similar to the reason behind a serial killer. Researchers suggest that the traumatic pre-adolescent period, the environment in the family, the relationship among the family members, lost childhood, and lack of support from family all these trigger this. Social isolation and compulsive masturbation are one of major factors behind this. According to Douglas, Burgess, & Ressler, the development toward this started before the age of 5 or 6. Normally this type of murderers reached their peak in the late 20s.

Types of Erotophonophilia

According to the FBI, there are two types of Erotophonophilia. Viz

  1. Organized Non-social
  2. Disorganized asocial

An organized non-social murderer is cunning, well-organized, and systematic. The selection of victims is whimsical and random. He will kill the victim in an isolated place and will carry the body somewhere so that people will know about it. He wants people to know about the murder and it thrills him. Society’s reaction makes him satisfied.

On the other hand, a disorganized asocial murderer is introverted, detach from society and loner. Unlike the organized one, a disorganized asocial’s murder is pretty chaotic. The selection of a victim is random in this case too. He will kill the victim in a near place or where he works. Both the types are likely to visit the place where the murder occurs. Even the murderer will keep track of the progress of the investigation.

Lust Murder and Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer is the most notorious contemporary example of an Erotophonophilia serial killer. He killed 17 people and all the killings were mostly linked with lust murder. Dahmer showed some paraphiliac behavior like masturbating in public. He even stole a mannequin from a store to quench his sexual thirst.

Jeffrey Dahmer lifestyle suggests an example of typical serial killer. His father was absent most of the time, his mother had mental issues. He was isolated in his childhood. His abnormal behavior with dead animals, all mimics a serial killer.

The following is an illustration of Jeffrey Dahmer, paraphilia and lust murder.

Credit: Catherine E. Purcell and Bruce A. Arrigo

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Lust Murder and Ted Bundy

Another major example of lust murder is Ted Bundy. But his lifestyle didn’t match that much with a typical lust murderer. He was born out of wedlock and was raised by his grandparents. Ted Bundy’s education history is pretty good. He was good at his field. But Ted Bundy was living in a fantasy. He was with his girlfriend for a long term and their relationship was great. This was his fantasy world. Ted Bundy wanted to have a married life and outside of married life, he was planning to kill which he eventually did. Porn magazines used to trigger Bundy. He raped and murdered 36 women according to his statement. He was a necrophile and used to dismember his victim’s body.

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Murderers motivated by lust display a variety of behaviors that set them apart from other offenders. In addition to having a variety of problems and social anxiety, lust killers are dangerous for society. Murderers driven by lust will stop at nothing to make their fantasies come true. When these people reach their fullest expression, they have the potential to be both dysfunctional and criminal. Hardcore porn should be banned as this deviates people and can trigger someone with severe paraphiliac characteristics.

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